Silafrica is the  most committed supplier in value added rigid plastics packaging products made from virgin polymers (poly propylene, PET and poly ethylene) for packing and distribution of Lub Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Edible Oil, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Milk, Detergents and Chemicals.

Our products meet and often exceed the industry standards such as anti-static polymer  to prevent dust accumulation, shapes as per custom design, printed with multi colors, packed & labelled as required by customers,
color of bottles matching exactly to the customers requirement, with sizes from 50cc to 20ltr capacity, better aesthetics, lighter and stronger, induction sealing for lub oil packages,  in a variety of styles including rounds, squares, ovals, cylinders.

In PET we manufacture and supply preforms and PET bottles for water, juice, wine, liquid syrups by pharmaceutical industry and carbonated drinks . We are authorised supplier for supplying PET preforms to Coca Cola. We have partnered with Bericap one of the largest suppliers of closures to supply closures for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, lub oil, honey etc. We supply preforms of variety of grammages for making PET bottles for water, juice and carbonated beverages. We provide support for bottle mold design and manufacturing through our partners. We do support small and medium entreprenurs for developing their business through technical support and assistance.

Sumaria Industries Ltd manufacture various packaging to suit requirements of B to B customers.

Injection molded:

Pails & Lids (Thinwall) - for Food industry for packing cooking fat, Margarine & ghee (100 gms to 2 kg).

Pails & Lids - 4ltr, 5ltr, 10ltr and 20ltr for paints and edible oil.

Amboni Pails 20ltr - a house hold name in Tanzania for water and grains storage and transportation. These pails are supplied to NGOs/UNHCR to support people for water storage..

Tamper evident Medicine Jars - for Pharma industry (100 cc to 1100 cc) These containers are also used for packing industrial grease

Crates - for Beverage indsutry (Stackable and nestable)

Blow Molded:

Canisters & Lids - for Beverages (500 gms to 1 kg)

Bottles & caps - for Detergnt & Chemical indsutry (70 ml to 750 ml)

Bottle and Cans for Lub Oil

Injection Blow molded:

Jars & Caps - for Personal care industry (50 gms t 250 gms)


Preforms of 16gm, 18gm, 20gm, 22gm, 33gm and 37gm with 28mm PCO neck in variety of colors.

PET Bottles - Dasani

PET Bottles - 100ml Pharmaceuticals, 350ml/500ml/1000ml in generic shapes for Juice and Banana Wine